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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100% Italian (Tin | 5L)

Cold-pressed 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. All the experience and olive oil tradition of the Bartolini family in this product suitable as a condiment in any recipe!

Packaging: Tin | Quantity: 5 l | Label: Download


Discounted price from 4th: 58,00€ per piece


The characteristics of this product are a golden-yellow colour with warm green tones, a distinct olive aroma with herbaceous hints, and a taste characterised by elegant fruitiness, moderately sharp and with a pleasant spicy sensation. It is suitable for use as a seasoning in any recipe. It is particularly suitable for use raw on white meats and steamed fish, mixed vegetable salads, pulses and cereal-based soups, excellent on seafood starters with raw fish.


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